Mental Health Tips

For improved performance in the workplace

Follow these mental health tips to help motivate your staff with the tools, confidence and capabilities needed to create more productive work and a happier workplace. 

Around 45 per cent of Australians, will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. Building resilience within your team helps to reduce this number but also offers countless benefits to your business.

Putting in place preventative measures to avoid mental health crisis boosts productivity, reduces the cost of mental health to the business and improves culture.

While there is no one set approach to building mental health resilience in the workplace, we’ve put together our top tips to foster a healthier working environment.

Mental Health Tips, Mental Health Tips, Mindset Training

Encourage open and honest conversations

Mental health illness is one of the biggest health issues in Australia, however many people stray away from speaking out about how they’re feeling. Particularly in the workplace.

When mental health is neglected and suppressed, it can have poor ramifications on individuals, people surrounding them and on productivity and culture in the workplace.

As an employer, it’s crucial to create a safe space for open discussion on mental health and encourage conversation both in the workplace and at home.

One small change you can put in place is encouraging your team leaders to prompt a conversation on mental health during relevant meetings. Questions could be as simple as:

How are you feeling today?

How was your weekend?

On a scale of 1-5, how is your headspace today?

These simple conversation starters ensure your employees have a forum to bring up any issues and feel supported as a vital part of your business.

If you want to build competence in your team to have these sometimes-difficult conversations, get in touch with us today.

Encourage your staff to keep active and eat well

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can do wonders for mental health.

As an employer, you may not be able to control how your staff eat and how much exercise they do outside of work hours, but you can help facilitate a healthier workplace through:

Mindfullness practice

Mindfulness is a practice in which attention is focused on thoughts, feelings and being aware of what’s going on around us.

Studies show that practicing mindfulness can help people feel more focused, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and help us to feel more connected.

As an employer, you can promote mindfulness in the workplace by encouraging staff to take a minute or two before work begins to breathe deeply and connect to their surroundings.

Further examples of facilitating mindfulness in the workplace can include offering quiet rooms to work or beginning team meetings with a moment for reflection.

For more information about mindfulness in the workplace, contact us today.

Putting mental health tips into practice

Above all, be a workplace that encourages positive mental health practices. Have resources readily available (such as access to support services like Beyond Blue or a confidential EAP service), encourage open communication, and reiterate to your staff that it’s ok to ask for help!

By constantly fostering positive mental health in the workplace, you will see a more productive, empathetic and supportive culture.

Mental Health Tips, Mental Health Tips, Mindset Training

upgrade your mindset, upgrade your business

Do you need help to put strategies in place to ensure a culture of care in your workplace?

We provide training on mental health first aid training, and custom workshops to suit your organisation.

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