Meet our Mental Health Practitioners

Leading the way in mental health training

Our team of mental health Practitioners offer over three decades of collective experience helping businesses across Australia and New Zealand to implement effective mental health programs.

Through personalised and customised mental health training workshops and services, we are renowned for uncovering the potential of employees by building their resilience and implementing a culture of care.

Taking the time to understand your business and goals, we provide proactive techniques to improve wellbeing in the workplace and put strategies in place to reduce the risk of mental health crisis.

Mental health Practitioners, Meet Our Practitioners, Mindset Training

Melissa Harries

Principal Psychologist

Melissa has nearly two decades of experience in the mental health space, beginning her career working as a psychologist in the military supporting soldier mental health on deployments overseas as well as at home.

As a registered Psychologist, Melissa is passionate about providing mechanisms and strategies to support individuals in being more resilient and improving their mental health, prior to reaching the crisis stage.

Her extensive career in mental health has allowed her to work across a range of industries, and with various-sized businesses.

She is renowned in the space for her adaptable approach to mental health training for numerous organisations, supported by a Masters of Organisational Psychology.

Mental health Practitioners, Meet Our Practitioners, Mindset Training

Tommy Pulleine

Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Commencing his career in the military, Tommy was an Infantry soldier in the Australian Army for 17 years. He spent the latter half of his postings as an instructor at Kapooka and with the Defence Force Correctional Establishment.

Since leaving the Defence Force, Tommy has been passionate about supporting veteran’s mental health and has run several programs over the years to support veterans.

As a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Tommy has helped deliver bespoke mental health and leadership workshops, particularly in male-dominated industries.

Mental health Practitioners, Meet Our Practitioners, Mindset Training

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