Workplace mental health services

Equipping workplaces with the strategies needed to build resilience.

Investing in workplace mental health is critical for the success of a business. Studies have shown that productive, happy and supported staff contribute to a more thriving and innovative workplace.

Our trained and experienced practitioners in mental health provide workshops and consulting services to businesses to help foster a mentally healthy workplace. Our evidence-based and proven approach to mental health training in the workplace helps build resilience within your business, a culture of care and provides the tools and confidence for team members to support one another.

Customised mental health workshops

When it comes to wellbeing in the workplace, it’s our philosophy that the focus should be on creating strategies to put in place to prevent crisis situations.

Our experienced practitioners can deliver a range of mental health workshops customised to your business and/or teams for the best result. Every workplace is different. We provide tailored advice, strategies and practical assistance to ensure you have a system of success when it comes to instilling a culture of care within your business.


Our workshop programs include:

Managing psychosocial hazards
Preventative mental health skills
Understanding stress and resilience
Skills to manage negative thinking
Improving overall wellbeing
Managing mental health at work
Leadership and mental health
Improving emotional intelligence
Psychological skills for responding to aggressive customers

Mental Health First Aid Training

The Mental Health First Aid Training course is a two-day workshop that provides participants with the skills needed to identify, understand and respond to the signs of mental health illness.

Delivered by our expert and specially trained Mental Health First Aid Training Instructors, the course provides vital skills needed to respond to workers experiencing a mental illness or escalating mental health crisis.

To find out more information about how this training course can help with workplace mental health, or to book in a session, get in touch with us today.

Workplace Consultation Services

We are leading experts at coming into a business and providing advice and recommendations on how best to develop and implement strategies which create a mentally healthy workplace. We have extensive experience designing customised solutions and interventions for businesses of a range of services. Our services include but are not limited to:

Workplace Mental Health, Workplace Mental Health Services, Mindset Training

upgrade your mindset, upgrade your business

Act now to empower your team, improve workplace well-being and prevent mental health emergencies through early-intervention training.

Contact us to book your mental health workshop or consultation service.

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